Marketing & Trade Show Coordinator

About Us

At Port 443 we work together, laugh together, and eat a lot of donuts together. (Have you seen our Instagram? It’s basically a food blog.) 

Our products (My Music Staff, TutorBird & AthletaDesk) are always evolving, making for an exciting and dynamic environment. Every day, we’re connecting with thousands of users all around the world. If you ask what they love about us, they’ll tell you that we really listen to their needs and go above and beyond to help them. Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Their feedback and ideas help to shape our products, and at the end of the day, we’re here because of them… 

…and because of the donuts. 

About You

You’re a highly organized individual who loves getting results. You’re always on top of the PPCs, CPAs, KPIs, and LOLs. You’re ready to hit the ground running, figuratively and literally – we just got a treadmill desk for the office! You can multi-task and you’re comfortable collaborating with team members from other departments. You’ve got a good sense of humour – feel free to tell us your most groan-worthy G-rated joke in your job application for bonus points 😂 (And you don’t mind that we still use the 😂 emoji even though apparently that’s not cool anymore!)

You’ve got: 

  • A degree or diploma in Marketing, Advertising, or a related field
  • 3+ years experience in a marketing-related role
  • Phenomenal attention to detail
  • Exceptional copywriting abilities
  • A growth mindset
  • Ideas! We want someone who’s excited to share their thoughts and suggestions with the team

Your responsibilities will include: 

  • Planning and coordinating trade shows for all brands (My Music Staff, TutorBird, AthletaDesk), including travel and accommodations
  • Working with the team to determine what assets are required for each show (swag, sell sheets, new booth designs, etc.)
  • Managing our digital advertising channels (Facebook, Google Ads, AdRoll, YouTube)
  • Writing ad copy for both print and digital advertising
  • Supporting the team with managing our social channels
  • Travelling to exhibit at trade shows (up to 10% travel may be required)

Working During Covid-19

The team’s been working remotely since March 2020, but we’re all looking forward to being back in the office together again soon! While our communication style has changed over the last year, we still have a ton of custom Slack emojis to help us communicate. (Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on all the office emojis in your first week 🍤) 

Here’s what Port 443 work-from-home life looks like for a member of the Dream Team (aka Marketing):

  • Wake up, grab some coffee, and get ready to start your day (or, snooze your alarm until 5 minutes before work starts – you don’t have to worry about a commute anymore!)
  • Our already casual office dress code became even more casual: T-shirt? Fine! Port 443 sweater? Cozy! Pants? Optional! (Kidding, please wear pants during work hours… 🙈)
  • Send the rest of the team a “good morning” Bitmoji on Slack (alternate Bitmoji idea if you’re not a morning person: you, half-awake, holding a cup of coffee ☕)
  • Check that you have all of the assets together for our new AdRoll set and get ready to launch it 🚀
  • Tuesday mornings are our company-wide meetings. In the first half of the meeting, hear about what development, UX, and support have been working on. Well, try to hear over the sounds of Dan walking on the treadmill desk. Then in the second half, join us as we descend into chaos with our Question of the Week!
  • You just got the details for an upcoming trade show. Start coordinating with the team to get everything together: sell sheets, free swag, and more… oh my!
  • Time for lunch! Make a nice meal, go for a walk, watch some funny cat videos, take a bubble bath, or whatever else you need to unwind for a bit 🛁
  • Get ready for our daily team meeting. We’ll get caught up on that Facebook post from this morning, the new mugs being added to the merch store, and most importantly – the show we all watched over the weekend.
  • This afternoon it’s your Donut Call 🍩 Every 2 weeks you’ll be put in a random group with a few other coworkers so you can catch up. Talk about anything you want – except work!
  • When the end of the day rolls around, give a 👋 or a ✌ to the rest of the team. Now sign off and go enjoy your night!

Meet the Team!

Dasa is our manager extraordinaire (please mispronounce “manager” in your head so it rhymes with “extraordinaire” for the full effect), who recently celebrated 5 years at Port 443 🎉 She’s always looking into new, innovative ideas we can try out to grow our customer base and keep our existing members happy. As the Head of Growth, she also oversees support, HR, and other things around the office like renos and company events. Ask anyone at the office to describe her in one word, and the answer is always: TACOS 🌮 (BTW, it’s pronounced DASH-uh, not DAY-sa or DAH-sa.)

Brendon is our insanely talented Graphic Design Specialist. He takes all of our crazy notes and turns them into the exciting, fun graphics you see all over our websites, social media, merch store, and free swag. Speaking of swag… he’s the office’s resident skateboarder 🛹 Catch him on his lunch break shredding the gnar. Flipping a kick. Doing an ollie. (I don’t know any more skateboarding terms.) His artistic abilities aren’t just limited to the office though! In his spare time, he also makes music and sells custom pet portraits! 🐾

Erin is the Communications Specialist on the team. That means she do words good and stuff. You like the words in this job posting? She do the words in this job posting. (Author’s note: It’s weird writing this bio in third person 🤔) She manages our social media channels and works on any projects that have a large written component. Described by the rest of the team as the best thing since sliced bread a sarcastic, funny, hard-working theatre kid, Erin’s always got a witty reply for every message. Warning: She may also occasionally burst into song 🎵

Other Perks/Benefits

  • Free snacks and coffee – are you Team Hazelnut or Team Regular? 
  • Last Friday of the Month Lunch – vote for a new lunch spot every month, and watch as your coworkers get in heated debates over burritos vs burgers 
  • Company social events throughout the year – significant others welcome! 
  • Cool company swag when we reach milestones – check our IG to see some of our past swag 
  • Comprehensive health benefits plan – now you can stop putting off that dentist appointment! 

When you come to work at Port 443, you’re joining a team that balances innovation, excellence, and fun. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, we want to hear why! To let us know why this job posting speaks to you and what you can bring to the table, send your cover letter, resume, and favourite donut flavour to