Product Designer (UI/UX)

About Us 

At Port 443 we work together, laugh together, and eat a lot of donuts together. (Have you seen our Instagram? It’s basically a food blog.) Our products (My Music Staff, TutorBird & AthletaDesk) are always evolving, making for an exciting and dynamic environment. Every day, we’re connecting with thousands of users all around the world. If you ask what they love about us, they’ll tell you that we really listen to their needs and go above and beyond to help them. Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Their feedback and ideas help to shape our products, and at the end of the day, we’re here because of them…  

…and because of the donuts.  

About You 

You’re a curious and empathetic person who can put yourself into the shoes of our users and think of creative solutions that meet their needs. You’re a team player (don’t worry, we also hate that phrase and we promise not to use it again) who loves to collaborate with members of other departments to get things done – get ready to become fast friends with the front-end team! You’re flexible and always ready to hit the ground running, figuratively and literally – we’ve got a treadmill desk at the office! You’re a strong communicator who can translate from member-speak to developer-speak and back again. You love to dive deep into data and user insights and could run user testing all day (but don’t worry, you won’t be!). You’ve got a good sense of humour – feel free to tell us your most groan-worthy G-rated joke in your job application for bonus points 😂 (And you don’t mind that we still use the 😂 emoji even though apparently it’s not cool anymore!)  

You’ve got:  

  • Diploma or degree in Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Software Development or related field 
  • 3+ years experience working as a product designer, UX/UI designer or interaction designer (preferably at a SaaS company)
  • A customer-centric mindset 
  • Familiarity with how designs are affected and constrained by the limitations of programming 
  • Experience working with an existing product
  • Proficiency with current design tools such as Figma and Hotjar 
  • Comfortable/proficient in creating and maintaining design systems on Figma using libraries and components 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  • Ideas! We want someone who’s excited to share their thoughts and suggestions with the team  
  • Basic marketing/branding knowledge is a plus 

Your responsibilities will include:  

  • Collaborating with other designers and departments to work on all aspects of the product design cycle (that’s right – here at Port 443, you won’t just be focused on one design element or area of testing!)
  • Conducting user research & testing and preparing design solutions based on the results & feedback
  • Turning concepts into deliverables like wireframes, mockups, and user journeys and communicating them to cross-functional teams & senior leadership
  • Designing user interfaces, keeping industry best practices and user personas at the forefront (we can’t wait for you to “meet” our personas!)
  • Clearly and effectively communicating designs to the development team to implement and addressing any of their concerns


Meet the Team! 

Dan is the founder & president of the company, so none of us would be here without him! He oversees everything going on at Port 443, and his hands are in a lot of the development projects. He’s the guy who makes sure that everything is running smoothly at all times. You can find Dan taking meetings while walking on the office treadmill desk! Fun fact: did you know you can suddenly develop an avocado allergy as an adult? Dan knows! 🥑

Dasa is our Head of Growth who wears many hats – figuratively and literally! She manages our overall product roadmap and company vision and works across all departments to ensure every team is working towards our shared goals. Ask anyone at the office to describe her in one word, and the answer is always: TACOS 🌮 (BTW, it’s pronounced DASH-uh, not DAY-sa or DAH-sa.)

Mack is our Product Designer with an eye for UI (and yes, that was an intentional rhyme)! She loves to dive deep into user insights and create design solutions that enhance our members’ experience across the board. Outside of work, you can usually find Mack working out… orrrrrr doing an extensive search for the best cannoli around 🙈 She also loves to travel and can’t wait to visit Europe someday!

Marc once let us decide the fate of his haircut using a Slack poll and shaved his head! As a member of the back-end development team, he’s working on all the things “under the hood” that keep our products running. He’s always got the perfect thing to share in the #random channel, whether it’s his quarantine needlefelt animals or the adorable videos of his pets 😻

Nicolas is another member of the front-end development team – we have a Vick and a Nick, so now we need a Rick! He’s focused on programming the logic that goes along with the design… and fixing the third-party text editor again when we find another bug. He’s a competitive and talented gamer – he won first place in our inaugural company Mario Kart tournament! 🥇

Ranveer leads most of our development projects. Ask anyone at the office to describe him and they’d say “Ranveezy is generous AF, yo.” Ask them to expand on that and they would clarify that he shares his advent calendar chocolate with us every year! 🍫 For a good story, ask him about what happened with the UPS driver and the office door…

Shannon is one of our fantastic front-end developers whose curiosity and creativity make her a joy to work with! A lover of music, she’s a secret karaoke master who’d love to learn to play ukelele some day. By day, she’s hard at work helping the team upgrade our products to the next level, but by night she loves to go home, unwind, and enjoy some delicious comfort food. (Her preference? Pierogies 😋)

Thomas’ skills as a developer means he can jump between working on the front-end, the back-end, or the servers to help out wherever he’s needed. His hobbies outside of work include everything cool you could possibly think of. Cooking? His IG looks like a professional chef’s. DIY? He can build just about anything. Swords?! YES ⚔

Vick is our Star Wars enthusiast and diehard fan of Toronto-based sports teams! As a member of the front-end development team, he’s focused on making sure that our apps look and work like they’re supposed to. In his spare time, Vick can be found watching hockey, playing hockey (NHL game series or good ol’ fashioned street hockey), reading books about hockey… look, he really likes hockey okay?! 🏒


Other Perks/Benefits 

  • Free snacks and coffee – are you Team Hazelnut or Team Regular?  
  • Company social events throughout the year – significant others welcome!  
  • Cool company swag when we reach milestones – check our IG to see some of our past swag  
  • Comprehensive health benefits plan – now you can stop putting off that dentist appointment!  

When you come to work at Port 443, you’re joining a team that balances innovation, excellence, and fun. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, we want to hear why! To let us know why this job posting speaks to you and what you can bring to the table, send your cover letter, resume, and favourite donut flavour to