Marketing Coordinator

On-site: Burlington, ON

About Us 

At Port 443 we work together, laugh together, and eat a lot of donuts together. Our products (My Music Staff, TutorBird & AthletaDesk) are always evolving, making for an exciting and dynamic environment. Every day, we’re connecting with thousands of users all around the world. If you ask what they love about us, they’ll tell you that we really listen to their needs and go above and beyond to help them. Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Their feedback and ideas help to shape our products, and at the end of the day, we’re here because of them…

…and because of the donuts.  

About You 

You love to travel, love to talk to people, and love to experiment with new ideas! You’re an incredibly organized individual who can stay on top of your to-do list and get sh*t done. You know how to balance collaborating with a team and working independently – there’s no micro-management here! You want to work in an environment where you’ll get to learn, share your ideas, and actually have fun. We hope you’ve got a great sense of humor – go on, tell us your most groan-worthy joke in your cover letter! :joy:

You’ve got:  

  • A diploma or degree in marketing, advertising, or a related field
  • Experience with booking travel and travelling in general (and also a valid passport!)
  • Strong presentation skills & comfort being on camera
  • Exceptional organization skills & attention to detail (you’ll be planning shows for 3 products at the same time, so there’s a lot of moving pieces)
  • The ability to multi-task and stay focused in a fast-paced & growing company
  • Ideas! We want someone who’s excited to share their thoughts and suggestions with the team
  • Bonus points if you have an interest or experience in the fitness/personal training world! :woman-lifting-weights:

Your responsibilities will include:  

  • Coordinating our trade shows & conferences – from booking flights & hotels to ordering cool swag for our booth :sunglasses:
  • Attending most of those trade shows & conferences! It could be 10 each year or even more, so a love of travelling is a must :airplane:
  • Facilitating virtual and in-person demos for our 3 SaaS products, so bonus points if you’re a natural with picking up new technology (don’t worry – we’ll train you!) :computer:
  • Working closely and collaborating with the rest of our awesome marketing team on new ideas, projects, and strategies (read more about us below!) :star-struck:

Meet the Team! 

Brendon is our insanely talented Graphic Design Specialist 🤩 He takes all of our crazy notes (like “can you add a blobby thingy in the background but not like, behind it??”) and turns them into the exciting, fun graphics you see all over our websites, ads, social media, and company swag. Speaking of swag… he’s the office’s resident skateboarder! You might find him at his desk with his Tech Deck shredding the gnar. Flipping a kick. Doing an ollie. (I don’t know any more skateboarding terms.) 🛹  

Dasa is our manager extraordinaire (please mispronounce “manager” in your head so it rhymes with “extraordinaire” for the full effect) 🎉 She’s always looking into new, innovative ideas we can try to grow our customer base and keep our existing members happy. As the Head of Growth, she also oversees support, HR, and other things around the office like renos and company events. Ask anyone at the office to describe her in one word, and the answer is always: TACOS 🌮 (BTW, it’s pronounced DASH-uh, not DAY-sa or DAH-sa.) 

Erin is our Strategic Communications Specialist – that means she do the words good and stuff 😉 She writes content, manages partnerships, and thinks of the Question of the Day at our weekly company meeting. She also facilitates a bunch of fun trainings for new staff, so get ready to hear her terrible fake Australian accent! Described by the rest of the team as the best thing since sliced bread a sarcastic, funny, hard-working theatre kid, Erin’s always got a witty reply for every message. Warning: She may also occasionally burst into song 🎵 

Lauren is our Digital Marketing Specialist, which means she’s basically a wizard ️🧙‍♀️ You know when you see an ad for the exact thing you were just thinking about? Then scrolling on Facebook you see it again? Now it’s before YouTube videos? And when you’re playing Candy Crush? That was her! Her excitement for the numbers behind all the marketing is infectious – she makes data fun! But she also makes the office fun with her tales of Disney trips and love for videos of animals doing peopley things 😂 


Other Perks/Benefits 

  • Free snacks and coffee – are you Team Hazelnut or Team Regular? 
  • Last-Friday-of-the-month-lunch – stretchy pants encouraged that day :joy:
  • Company social events throughout the year – significant others welcome!  
  • Cool company swag when we reach milestones – check our IG to see some of our past swag  
  • Comprehensive health benefits plan – now you can stop putting off that dentist appointment!  


When you come to work at Port 443, you’re joining a team that balances innovation, excellence, and fun. If this sounds like the perfect fit, submit your application to  and be sure to include:

  • Your resume – to let us know what you’ll bring to the table!
  • Your cover letter – to let us know who YOU are!
  • Your favourite donut flavour – to let us know… ummm… look, we just really like donuts here!