Customer Success Specialist

About Us

At Port 443 we work together, laugh together, and eat a lot of donuts together. (Have you seen our Instagram? It’s basically a food blog.) 

Our products (My Music Staff, TutorBird & AthletaDesk) are always evolving, making for an exciting and dynamic environment. Every day, we’re connecting with thousands of users all around the world. If you ask what they love about us, they’ll tell you that we really listen to their needs and go above and beyond to help them. Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Their feedback and ideas help to shape our products, and at the end of the day, we’re here because of them… 

…and because of the donuts. 

About You

You’re a people person (don’t worry, we also hate that phrase and we promise not to use it again). You’re friendly, patient, and willing to jump in to help a teammate who needs it. You’re flexible and always ready to hit the ground running, figuratively and literally – we just got a treadmill desk for the office! You’re a strong communicator that can explain some complex invoicing/accounting concepts with simplicity and clarity. You’ve got an eye for detail, so you’ll spot that typo and fix it before you hit send. You’ve got a good sense of humour – feel free to tell us your most groan-worthy G-rated joke in your job application for bonus points 😂 (And you don’t mind that we still use the 😂 emoji even though apparently it’s not cool anymore!) 

You’ve got: 

  • 2+ years experience working as part of a Customer Success team (brownie points if it was at a SaaS company) 
  • A diploma or degree in a relevant field 
  • Technical knowledge – you must be able to troubleshoot, investigate, and think outside the box 
  • Ideas! We want someone who’s excited to share their thoughts and suggestions with the team 

Your responsibilities will include: 

  • Communicating with customers by telephone and email (so if you hate talking on the phone, this probably isn’t the job for you…) 
  • Recording all incoming feedback and responding to customer issues in a timely fashion  
  • Maintaining an enthusiastic and dedicated approach to understanding customers’ needs 
  • Educating customers on the full value of our products and services  
  • Serving as the voice of the customer and providing internal feedback on how we can better serve them
  • Working closely with the development team to identify bugs and track feature requests  
  • Travelling to exhibit at trade shows (up to 10% travel may be required) once the pandemic is finally over 

Working During Covid-19

The team’s been working remotely since March 2020, but we’re all looking forward to being back in the office together again soon! While our communication style has changed over the last year, we still have a ton of custom Slack emojis to help us communicate. (Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on all the office emojis in your first week 🍤) 

Here’s what Port 443 work-from-home life looks like for a member of the Customer Success team: 

  • Wake up, grab some coffee, and get ready to start your day (or, snooze your alarm until 5 minutes before work starts – you don’t have to worry about a commute right now!) 
  • Our already casual office dress code became even more casual: T-shirt? Fine! Port 443 sweater? Cozy! Pants? Optional! (Kidding, please wear pants during work hours… 🙈) 
  • Log into the phone queue, open up the support ticket platform, and send the team a “good morning” GIF on Slack 👋🏼 
  • Call back people who left voicemails last night. Our customers are all over the world, so you’ll get to talk to some really cool people. 
  • Hop on a video call to chat with the rest of the team (read more about them below 👇🏼). Check in to make sure you’re all in the loop about any bugs or ticket trends, then quickly catch up on what shows you’ve been bingeing. 
  • Keep working through your tickets until you need a little caffeine boost, then set your Slack status to  and go make a fresh pot of coffee! 
  • Tuesday mornings are our company-wide meetings. In the first half of the meeting, hear about what development, marketing, and UX have been working on. Then in the second half, join us as we descend into chaos with our Question of the Day – even a question as simple as “What’s your favourite chocolate bar?” can somehow end up with everyone looking at colouring books with pictures of cat’s… tails 👀 
  • Time for lunch! Make a nice meal, go for a walk, watch some funny cat videos, take a bubble bath, or whatever else you need to do to unwind for a bit. 
  • This afternoon it’s your Donut Call 🍩 Every 2 weeks you’ll be put in a random group with a few other coworkers so you can get to know one another. Talk about anything you want – except work! 
  • Make sure you’ve gotten back to all of your assigned voicemails and tickets before the day is done. When 5:00 pm rolls around, sign off and go enjoy your night! 

Meet the Team!

Todd has the perfect dad joke for every conversation and the best track record on Untappd. He’s also the guy who handles our escalated technical support tickets and IT. If you ask the support team what that means, he’s the one who saves them when a really complex technical question or bug comes up. If you ask the developers, he’s the one who brings them bad news and problems all the time. Todd recently celebrated 5 years at Port 443! 🎉 

Mike is our resident donut chauffeur, Ticats enthusiast, and office vegan (even though he’s not a vegan). When he’s not answering tickets or on the phone with a member, he can be found on Zoom giving demos and helping new users get set up. He’s the human half of RoboMike (we’ll explain later… 👀) and the face of TutorBird! In his spare time, you can catch him watching everything from MMA to stand-up comedy to Drag Race. 

Natalie is the go-to for beep-boop music and spoiling Marvel movies. As the office Zillenial, she always brings a different perspective to our lunchtime chats (which is our way of saying some of us are too old to understand any of her references 😭). During the workday, she’s busy going above and beyond to help our members over the phone and by email, or jumping on Zoom to onboard a new user. Natalie’s currently enjoying the perks of the Atlantic bubble, working remotely from New Brunswick for the time being. 

Matt is the newbie to the team – and if you’re reading this, you just might be the next! He’s a support rock star, spending his days answering tickets and walking our members through their questions on (sometimes very long…) phone calls. Outside of work, Matt enjoys travelling, trying new food (or just eating in general 😋), and long walks on the beach. Want to hear some really cool stories? Ask him about his time spent teaching in Japan! 

Angie has a Question of the Week for every staff meeting and a GIF for every Slack chat. She keeps our customers’ needs at the forefront by making sure the ticket and phone queue keeps movin’ and any escalated concerns are followed up with. She manages the team and keeps everyone in the loop about trends, bugs, and patterns we’re seeing in support. Most importantly, she does our office Costco runs! She’s also always up to date on her reality TV – so if you’re a fan of The Bachelor, that’s a bonus 💍🌹 

Other Perks/Benefits

  • Free snacks and coffee – are you Team Hazelnut or Team Regular? 
  • Last Friday of the Month Lunch – vote for a new lunch spot every month, and watch as your coworkers get in heated debates over burritos vs burgers 
  • Company social events throughout the year – significant others welcome! 
  • Cool company swag when we reach milestones – check our IG to see some of our past swag 
  • Comprehensive health benefits plan – now you can stop putting off that dentist appointment! 

When you come to work at Port 443, you’re joining a team that balances innovation, excellence, and fun. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, we want to hear why! To let us know why this job posting speaks to you and what you can bring to the table, send your cover letter, resume, and favourite donut flavour to