Cloud Operations Specialist

On-site: Burlington, ON

About Us

At Port 443 we work together, laugh together, and eat a lot of donuts together. (Have you seen our Instagram? It’s basically a food blog.) Our products (My Music Staff, TutorBird & AthletaDesk) are always evolving, making for an exciting and dynamic environment. Every day, we’re connecting with thousands of users all around the world. If you ask what they love about us, they’ll tell you that we really listen to their needs and go above and beyond to help them. Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Their feedback and ideas help to shape our products, and at the end of the day, we’re here because of them…

…and because of the donuts.

About You

Are you a seasoned Cloud Ops professional with a strong “Ops” focus, coupled with a genuine passion for cybersecurity? If you’ve transitioned from a development background to infrastructure and networking but still like to dabble in coding, we want to hear from you. You thrive on identifying and resolving system bottlenecks, excel at problem-solving, and leverage your development skills to automate routine tasks while advocating for infrastructure as code. Your sweet spot lies at the intersection of software and infrastructure, and you’re dedicated to building robust, reliable cloud architectures. Plus, you’re not a fan of on-call duty – your attention to detail ensures operational stability.

You’ve got:

  • A deep understanding of cloud-native operations, technologies, principles, and infrastructure as code
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience with core AWS services, including EC2, S3, IAM, and RDS
  • Proficiency in scripting languages such as bash, PowerShell, etc
  • A diploma or degree in a related field
  • Knowledge of one or more cybersecurity frameworks (we’re eager to learn from you)

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Develop and maintain a Cloud Ops roadmap, establishing yourself as the resident expert
  • Support, automate, and enhance our AWS infrastructure
  • Conduct security audits and offer guidance on data security best practices
  • Collaborate with external service providers to ensure smooth email delivery from our SaaS platform
  • Prioritize automation to work smart, not hard
  • Thoroughly document all processes and tools for seamless knowledge sharing


Meet the Team!

Dan is the founder & president of the company, so none of us would be here without him! He’s at the helm of our Port 443 ship, overseeing the many on-the-go projects and the direction of the company. You can always count on Dan to share adorable & hilarious stories about his family around the lunch table. Fun fact: did you know you can suddenly develop an avocado allergy as an adult? Dan knows! 🥑 

Ken is our Project Manager, keeping our many tasks on track and projects running smoothly! He’s always looking for ways to improve our processes and make things as efficient as possible for the team. He’s also always looking for ways to put a smile on your face – stop by Ken’s office in the morning to say hi and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great day 😀 When looking at his impressive resume you might think he’s done it all, but one thing still left on his bucket list is to visit the Arctic and see the Northern Lights! 

Marc is one of our back-end developers, working on all the things “under the hood” that keep our products running. And while that may be his official role at Port 443, there’s another role he plays that brings even more joy to the office… King of Birthday Messages :crown: Whether it’s a hilariously photoshopped picture of the birthday honoree or a fully interactive game within our test environment, we’re always waiting to see what Marc comes up with!

Ojas is our Software Developer in Test, or as we like to think of him… our Bug Exterminator! He spends his days developing and performing tests on our products to uncover any bugs or issues for the team to fix before deploying changes. He’s also an absolute ray of sunshine who brings such a positive energy into the office! Even the most pessimistic team members can’t help but smile when Ojas is around 😊 

Thomas’ skills as a developer means he can jump between working on the front-end, the back-end, or the servers to help out wherever he’s needed. His hobbies outside of work include everything cool you could possibly think of. Cooking? His IG looks like a professional chef’s. DIY? He can build just about anything. Swords?! YES  

Todd has the perfect dad joke for every conversation and the best track record on Untappd! As QA Analyst & IT Coordinator, he handles escalated bugs, tries to “break” pre-release features (so we can fix them, of course!), aaaaand deals with any incidents involving coffee spills & laptops 🙈 You can always count on Todd for his quick wit, rapid-fire puns, and impressive bowling skills at our Annual Bowling Bash! 

Vick is our Star Wars enthusiast and diehard fan of Toronto-based sportball teams! As a member of the front-end development team, he’s focused on making sure that what our users see actually looks and works like it’s supposed to. In his spare time, Vick can be found watching hockey, playing hockey (NHL game series or good ol’ fashioned street hockey), reading books about hockey… look, he really likes hockey okay?! 🏒 


Other Perks/Benefits

  • Free snacks and coffee – are you Team Hazelnut or Team Regular? 
  • Company social events throughout the year – significant others welcome! 
  • Cool company swag when we reach milestones – check our IG to see some of our past swag 
  • Comprehensive health benefits plan – now you can stop putting off that dentist appointment! 

When you come to work at Port 443, you’re joining a team that balances innovation, excellence, and fun. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, we want to hear why! To let us know why this job posting speaks to you and what you can bring to the table, send your cover letter, resume, and favourite donut flavour to 

P.S. A real human person reviews all submissions, so let your personality shine through!